Brew a Bone Broth & A ‘No Bones About It’ Veggie Broth

The bare bones about bone broth? Not only does it contain minerals & amino acids such a collagen, but our bodies benefit from every part of it. Sometimes referred to as “nature’s multivitamin’ (1), bone broth contain nutrients that support digestive functions, immunity (a traditional cold & flu remedy as it contains an amino acid… Continue reading Brew a Bone Broth & A ‘No Bones About It’ Veggie Broth

Acai Berry Chia Seed Pudding

Not only is this a super quick dessert to throw together, but it also packs a huge Omega-3 and antioxidant punch! The Omega-3 family includes polyunsaturated essential fatty acids that we need to get from our diet as our bodies cannot produce them. They are used in our body for cell membrane building and repairing… Continue reading Acai Berry Chia Seed Pudding

Devilish Eggs- An Easter Tradition

For as long as I can remember, Easter to me wasn’t just about the candy and the sweets – it was about dyeing and colouring the eggs. My mother would boil a dozen eggs for each of us, let them cool and then we would spend our afternoon ‘dyeing’. I shared my American childhood tradition… Continue reading Devilish Eggs- An Easter Tradition