Going Green.

I have loads of people asking me how to approach a detox. As I mentioned before, you ideally take part in a two week ‘tune-up’ in order to prep your body to detox more efficiently. What we don’t realise is that on a day to day basis, our bodies are being slammed with toxins from the air we breathe, water we drink, and food we eat. Are you 100% organic? Do you filter out the heavy metals, chlorine and fluoride from your water? Do you wear a high-tech oxygen mask? Chances are, probably not 100% of the time, and I surely don’t wear an oxygen mask. Yet. But I do live on a busy road in town so even opening my windows for ‘fresh air’ isn’t really that fresh.

I’ve tried a lot of different breakfast options – from no breakfast (intermittent fasting), to a high fat/protein breakfast, and now to the one I find works the best for me and fits perfectly in a pre-detox, detox, and actually my everyday lifestyle. It’s a great start you can give your body and brain. So, what is it that I have done? I’ve gone green and created my own favourite smoothie. But you won’t see many, if any, fruits unless they are berries, however, you will rack up about 7 of your 10 fruit & veg servings for the day in one hit. Quite a good jump start!

Many people ask if having a green smoothie does actually count? Yes, it does. Because unlike juicing with a juicer where you are striping away and discarding the pulp, you are using a blender to blend the whole fruit or veg and leaving the insoluble fibre (the good stuff!) in it. Also, adding it a scoop of a high-quality greens powder is an extra layer of superpower, and some protein powder to help fill & fuel you up.

Here are some extra tips for getting the most out of your smoothie:

  1. Choose organic or local fruit & veg wherever possible.
  2. Always wash even your pre-washed produce.
  3. Don’t gulp your smoothie. Your digestion requires chewing to kick start the process so always chew (20-30 times is optimal)!
  4. Sit down and drink your smoothie over 10 minutes. Don’t rush… relish!
  5. Buy frozen berries or freeze your own. They act like ice cubes and on a hot day can make a smoothie slightly more interesting once blended.
  6. Invest in a good blender. It can make all the difference. I have a Vitamix which blends in an instant, but there are lots of other less expensive and good ones on the market. The Ninja & Nutri-Bullets work well. I prefer to have a large jug rather than a small container to blend in. This recipe makes two servings so there is a lot of veg to blend in one go.
  7. You can store a green juice for later. Just make sure it’s as airtight as can be and try and drink it later that same day for the best possible freshness.
  8. Mix it up. Choose whatever greens look good and go with it. You’ll soon figure out the best combos that work for you and your tastebuds.

My Go Green Smoothie Recipe:

  • 300 mls filtered or spring water
  • 1 small avocado
  • 60g fresh fennel (this is great to add some sweetness)
  • 80g spinach leaves
  • 80g kales – curly, baby, cavolo nero (I use two kinds and do 40g of each)
  • 40g rocket
  • 40g rainbow chard, spring greens, or any other leafy greens
  • 80g cucumber, unpeeled
  • small chunk of fresh ginger, unpeeled
  • 1 Tablespoon whole flaxseeds (optional)
  • 80g berries (optional)
  • 1 scoop protein powder – I use Sunwarrior Vegan Raw Protein but also like a good quality collagen protein
  • 1 scoop powdered greens, ideally one that contains chlorella but if not, you can add that separately



Wash all leafy ingredients for a few smoothies, let dry completely. Pack into individual packets without liquids and any frozen items and store in the fridge ready for blending. In the morning, add the contents to your blender with the liquids, frozen items, and powders to blender container and blend away!

I also don’t really pre-chop my veg except if you’re going to do the above pre-packs, especially if you have a Vitamix and not much time in the morning before the school run like me. I try and let the blender do most of the work.

As this recipe makes enough for two portions, you can either save the second for a snack later in the day, share with your partner or even the kids!

Don’t forget, you can chop & change a recipe that works best for you. Add some fresh herbs, mint, or lime if you like. Kitchen experimenting can be fun, especially when you get the kids involved. Just remember, it’s a green veg smoothie so don’t be tempted to whack up the sugary fruits or add any sweeteners if possible!



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